As we are now officially in lockdown, the feasibility of many business still being able to continue (unless essential) is now tougher than it has ever been.

We are a small operation, and we are still currently able to operate and serve our clients throughout this pandemic. We do keep certain levels of stock on site to ensure that we can fulfil orders, and although the delivery/courier services are now running much leaner they are still operating so we are too. This is expected to still change on a daily basis, and as we’re able to put home-working in place we’re ensuring no one is put at unnecessary risk.

We have communicated this as best we can to our clients, and are constantly liaising with our suppliers to ensure it is still safe and viable for us to operate throughout this period.

Health and safety is always a huge priority, however we are making sure the team are 2 metres apart throughout the production process, and are washing/sanitising their hands between each aspect of production & order to stay as safe as possible.

Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding ordering/stock/delivery at and we will do our best to assist as quickly as possible.

We want as many businesses to get through the other side of this as possible and will do our best to help. Stay safe.